SEISHIN Co., Ltd is the General agency for SP seismic base isolation system and bD-pile in the Kanto(Tokyo,Kanagawa,Chiba,Saitama) region.

Joint Research and Development

  • Prof. Gun Buntala Sthenly, Lab. of computer methods in applied mechanics and engineering, Dept. of Architecture, School of Engineering, Nihon University.
    (Development of Calculation of the efficiency of SP Aseismic method and response analysis)
  • Kato Tribology Laboratory, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, School of Science and Technology, Nihon University, Tokyo.
    (Development of pile-cap connection for the SP seismic base isolation system.
    Research for frictional resistance reduction among steel piles, concrete foundation and ground soil)

Procedure Flowchart

  1. Please prepare construction documents (plans, sectional details and specifications etc.) and soil-test reports of your site in cooperation with your architect, general contractor and/or construction company.
    • Analyzing the soil-test reports, we determine proper size and length of steel piles from calculation.
    • From the structural calculation documents and specifications, we confirm the weight of the building.
    • Finding out the center of mass & the center of rigidity of the building through calculation.

    Based on the analytical results,
    we determine proper locations and numbers of the steel pipe piles.We will finish calculation and send free-estimate to you in 10 days after receiving all the required documents.

  2. Please confirm the contents. After your approval, we will start installation procedure.

    It will take 2-3 days for the pile installation. (for a standard house)

Instruction Video

  • bD-Pile Installation Procedure

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