SEISHIN Co., Ltd is the General agency for SP seismic base isolation system and bD-pile in the Kanto(Tokyo,Kanagawa,Chiba,Saitama) region.

Joint Research and Development

  • Prof. Gun Buntala Sthenly, Lab. of computer methods in applied mechanics and engineering, Dept. of Architecture, School of Engineering, Nihon University.
    (Development of Calculation of the efficiency of SP Aseismic method and response analysis)
  • Kato Tribology Laboratory, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, School of Science and Technology, Nihon University, Tokyo.
    (Development of pile-cap connection for the SP seismic base isolation system.
    Research for frictional resistance reduction among steel piles, concrete foundation and ground soil)

To our Customers We specialize in steel pipe pile installation.

Get your free estimate by sending construction documents (plan, section, elevation etc.) of your building and soil-test reports of your site.
After your approval, we will start the installation process in cooperation with your architect, general contractor and/or construction company to deliver the most cost and time effective solution.

  • Reduce seismic vibration SP seismic base isolation system is the world’s first seismic base isolation system without any isolation devices. Combining concrete mat foundation with our special “bD-Pile” which is approved by Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation of Japan for its performance and safety, the innovative base isolation system enable to reduce the seismic effect on the building.
    In addition to that, the SP base isolation system works more effectively in soft soil condition.
  • Cost effective First of all, the SP base isolation (steel piling) system doesn’t require any expensive isolation devices. Based on your construction documents and soil-test reports, we custom manufacture the steel (helical) piles at the designated fabrication facility and install the piles with speed and precision. Since this make-to-order production system eliminates redundancy and waste, we can cut the cost of production. Our special way of installation enables us to shorten the construction period and it also reduce the cost of installation.
  • Subsidence Repair
    (PUBB mehod)
    Our piling system also works for subsidence repair with unique installation technique called “PUBB method.” The screw-in pilling system doesn’t create not much noise nor ground vibration, so that occupants don’t have to move temporary out of their home during installation.
    In fact, we have restored over 300 houses that subsided or tilted caused by the 2011 Tohoku earthquake by applying the PUBB method. Watch the Video “NHK world news”.
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